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First Alchemy Seminar - Australia

  • 08 Nov 2010
  • 13 Nov 2010
  • Palace Hotel, 77 Drayton St., Nanango, Queensland 4615, Australia

First Alchemy Seminar


Presenter: Arthur Fehres, alias Artofferus

This unique First Seminar combines theory and practical work, to expound on the relatively short alchemical method of elaborating the medicinal Philosophers’ Stone, referred to as the Dry Way. It is totally different from spagyric methods and all other 'wet’ ways, and reduces the operation time to days rather than taking years. Its existence has been hinted at by several classical authors, but never been revealed. Australian alchemist Arthur Fehres now endeavours to share these secrets, which have been deeply hidden throughout history in pictures, symbols, sculptures, ancient texts and folklore. Dedicated individuals will then be able to prepare a true alchemical substance, since the seminar includes relevant, individual ‘hands-on’ practical alchemy work in view of the Great Work.

Arthur's new publication, BOOK OF REVELATION – THE PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE – THE EASY WAY contains much alchemical theory and Hermetic philosophy. At first reading, one may not  understand all the ideas presented in the book, but this is not important; as the First Seminar will greatly expand one’s understanding. Anyone who has read the book (and has a copy) is invited to apply to attend. 

The maximum is 20 applicants. So, for efficiency of time and effort, attendants are required to have read the book (at least once) in preparation for the information to follow. The main object is to read it like any text book in preparation for a class.

The First Seminar incorporates and expounds on LG (language of the Gods) as it pertains to the English language, thus promoting insight into the spoken and written word. The Bible is quoted and used mainly to show how particular verses, stories and passages, hide Hermetic instruction regarding the Great Work. 

In this day and age the term alchemy has been represented by spagyrists, academics, spiritualists and magicians to mean many things. This seminar gives participants a real understanding and firm definition of laboratory alchemy. The teacher has 40+ years experience. For the first time since his major discoveries, he will share his expertise face to face with everyone present. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity. 


 Ross Mack 

Director and Principal of the The Alchemy School (official name pending)

Applications: By e-mail, or hand-written letter only; no phone calls.

― Upon receipt of your completed Contact Form, stating in ‘Additional Information’ that you wish to attend this First Seminar and that you will comply with its rules; the applicant will be given an application number. If the maximum of 20 participants has been reached, the applicant will be informed thereof and placed in a queue for First Seminar No. 2 (dates to be announced). All First Seminars are non-structured, but all will essentially be the same.  

― Successful applicants will receive a request-for-money from PayPal. Verification of payment then guarantees admittance. 


Palace Hotel, 77 Drayton St., Nanango, Queensland 4615, Australia*

― Participants driving by car from NSW or further south who want to bypass Brisbane must take the toll road that leads to Toowoomba, the WARREGO HWY. Make sure to have toll passes for the LOGAN Mwy, available at participating Service Stations, or phone 1300 046 842. Payment can be made up to three days after having passed the Toll Points, but if you don’t, you’ll be charged an ‘Administration Fee’.

― Participants who have no car, or prefer to share the journey with one or more fellow participants and cannot arrange this individually, can contact the Ross Mack on email "drrossmack.yahoo.com"   

― Participants arriving at Brisbane airport, from within Australia or overseas: The management will arrange a pick-up at minimal cost (if any), co-ordinating and incorporating airport arrival times. 

Seminar fee

― $800 (includes workshop materials); deposit $200, non-refundable 4 weeks before commencement of seminar, refundable in case the seminar does not eventuate. Proceeds go towards the Foundation.*

The Seminar (five and a half days):

― Commences Monday, 8 November 2010, 8.30 AM; finishes 12 Noon, Saturday, 13-9-10 

― Participants are expected to arrive at the venue one or two days before Monday, 8-9-10. Those who stay longer than the seminar days (before or after) can do so at seminar accommodation prices. 

Accommodation (at the Palace Hotel; sharing a room):

― $80 p/p a day, includes 3 meals a day, all one can eat and drink; alcoholic beverages are extra. 

This is very inexpensive, considering that a single room in the local motels is $75 without anything else. The meals have a choice in menus, professionally prepared.

― Regardless the sharing of a room the $80 a day p/p remains. Most rooms are large enough for three.

Since it is an old building, going back to 1895 (its facade heritage-listed), it has communal bathrooms and toilets, male and female.

Payment (AUD$):

Payment with PayPal is the same as for ordering a book.

One can pay the $200 deposit or, if one wishes, the full amount of $800. 

Direct banking within Australia:  

NAB; BSB Number 082687

Account name: Artofferus Books

Account number: 821327131

Schedule and Class times

― There are three sessions in the morning and three in the afternoon. Each session is 50 minutes with 10-minute breaks between sessions. All participants must be present before sessions begin. 

― Morning classes: 8.30, 9.30 and 10.30, ending 11.30 AM.

― The first morning session starts with 15-20 minutes meditation, guided by the teacher. 

― A smorgasbord of coffee, tea, mineral spring water, fruit juices and light snacks is ‘at hand’ during the two 10-minute breaks.

― Lunch break: 11.30 AM – 2.00 PM, which also allows time to reorganise and rewrite rough notes, or to formulate a question for during class at an appropriate time. 

― Lunch: 12 Noon 

― Afternoon classes: 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00 PM; a similar smorgasbord is available during breaks.

― Afternoons incorporate ‘hands-on’ practical work, including, e.g., usage of bi-occular zoom microscopes.  

― Dinner: 5.30 PM

― Evenings: Time to spend on your notes, to socialise with class mates, go for a walk, or play a game; give your mind a break.


General rules

― Drugs are not allowed anywhere on the premises. Lights in accommodation rooms are to be switched off at 10 PM; time to withdraw from intense thought, to refresh and sleep.

― Pictures, photos or videos are not permissible anywhere without the consent of participants in the proposed image, in the foreground or background.

Class rules

― No eating, drinking or smoking in class.

― Recording equipment of any sort, audio or video, is not permitted in the class room.

― Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the class room.

― Laptops are not allowed to be used in the class room during class.     

― Newspapers and magazines are not to be taken into class rooms.

Meal times

― Breakfast 7.00 – 8.00 AM; lunch 12 Noon – 1.00 PM; dinner 5.30 – 7.00 PM 

― Note that alcoholic drinks are extra and will be added to your accommodation bill. 

What to bring:

― ‘Stick-on’ page markers to indicate later usage of book page text.

― Your Artofferus book; if one does not want to write notes in the margins, use those stick-on page indicators and write key-word notes on that. Shrink-wrapped copies are for sale at the venue. 

― Your Bible; look at Revelation 21:21. If the last part reads: and the street of the city was pure gold, transparent as glass, it is considered a ‘good’ Bible. In the Gideon Bible, placed in hotel rooms worldwide, the very last part reads: transparent like glass. Since ‘like’ and ‘as’ are also synonyms, it conveys the same meaning; although nothing else has been checked, that Bible should be okay. 

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