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Alchemy Guild

Mysterium 2011

  • 18 Feb 2011
  • 20 Feb 2011
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Come join us at the annual Mysterium event in Las Vegas, February 18-20, 2010. There will be lectures by leaders in the fields of alchemy and magic, including Jeff McBride, Dennis William Hauck, Abigail McBride, and others to be announced. Events include experiential awareness games, rituals, divinationspotluck dinners, and informal meetings.

Dennis William Hauck will present a lecture on "Alchemical Consciousness in Magick." In this thought-provoking presentation, he shows how the universal principles of alchemy are applied in the ancient discipline of Magick. The most powerful tool in the alchemists' laboratories was their our own consciousness, which they viewed as a hidden force of nature that could be purified and focused. Modern science has confirmed the power of consciousness to shape physical reality in amazing experiments in parapsychology and quantum physics. This level of work by true alchemists, such as magus-mathematicians John Dee and Isaac Newton, went far beyond the foolish efforts of medieval charlatans who tried to change lead into gold by purely physical means. The stages of development of a magical state of consciousness are revealed in the deep symbolism of the alchemists' drawings, and their philosophical concepts come alive in stories and anecdotes from the author's diverse training as a mathematician at the University of Vienna and his concurrent apprenticeship in alchemy in nearby Prague.


Also, Jeff McBride will share "The Practical Alchemy of Molybdenumancy," the mysterious process of divination through calcination and coagulation.  Hands on alchemy of fire, water, metal and air.  Seek your vision and find the hidden message waiting for you....

And Abigail Spinner McBride will present "Deepening into Mysterium," with an exciting new set of experiential adventures of body, mind and spirit to enhance our awareness of ourselves and others.  Stretch the edges and find the new horizons of increasing understanding!


Alchemy teaches us how to experience our day to day lives on a much deeper spiritual and magickal level.  Modern alchemy is not an esoteric study of hidden things, but a joyful discovery of  the deeper mysteries we can experience in everyday things, and in each other.


Space at this intimaate event is limited to just 40 participants. Admission for the three-day event is $99. For more information, call 702-450-0021 or email spinner@mcbridemagic.com.




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