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Alchemy Guild

International ORMUS Conference

  • 19 May 2011
  • 22 May 2011
  • Enota State Park, Georgia


May 19,20,21,22.  Enota, Georgia www.Enota.com

The conference will have a "soft start" on Thursday May 19th when in the morning (9AM-noon) we have workshops and demonstrations by speakers and others who are well known names in the community, including David Hudson who will make a rare appearance to participate in the conference. Chris Emmons, Master Alchemist- Essene Traditions, will demonstrate the Dry Method using Azomite and a lye menstrum. Jack Gaskey and Thomas Geckler will demonstrate John Hudson's method of making
White Dragon ORMES/ORMUS Powder. Joe Lello will demonstrate a sodium burn and lye boil to make M-3 (and/or M-1). Seekverta will demonstrate and discuss Sungazing. Other demos and discussion
groups to be announced; please let Thomas know if you are interested in teaching one of these workshops.

Vendor tables will be open during speaking hours, and at other times the common areas in the conference center will be open. Most speakers and many producers will have tables offering products and books and (unlike last time) high-quality
T-shirts and such, as well as a raw food table like last time. Known vendors include Cherokee Gold, Seekverta from Tibetan Gold, Atlantis Alchemy and Aetheric Devices, Ocean Alchemy, Blue Emerald Alchemy, Ancient Tek, ORMUS: Modern Day Alchemy and author Chris Emmons, GardenShot (Jan Denlinger), Peter
May and Wild Horse Botanicals, Sharon Rose with her Essential oils, and many more.

Speakers are scheduled as follows; 15 minute breaks between speakers, who will in general speak for 45 minutes and then take 15 minutes of questions except 7PM programs, which conclude at 9PM. Speaker subjects or titles are tentative, and some MAY change if things change. This is up-to-date as of April 3, 2011.

Thursday May 19 7 PM Barry Carter "Intro to ORMES/ORMUS"

Friday, May 20 9 AM Barry Carter - All Things ORMUS
1015 AM David DVD VanDerryt – One Man's ORMUS Story
1130 AM Sharon Rose Ingersoll – Essential oils & ORMUS
2 PM Michael "Mehoo" McCabe
315 PM Jason Davis
430 PM Dr. Joe Champion - Gold from Copper
7 PM David Wolfe Superfoods and ORMEs/ORMUS

Saturday May 21 9 AM Doug Beitler – Changing One Plant at a Time
1015 AM Jan Denlinger – Agricultural Applications
1130 AM Don Nance
2 PM Vernon Roth
315 PM Tom Waters – "Alchemy of ORMEs/ORMUS"
430 PM Michael Tellinger -"Adam's Clock and ORMUS"
7 PM David R. Hudson - ORMEs Research

Sunday May 22 9 AM Christine Emmons - "Effects of ORMUS"
1015 AM Peter May - "Sound and ORMUS"
1130 AM to Be Announced – "ORMUS? What now?"
2 PM Walk in the Woods with David Wolfe

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