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Mysterium 2013

  • 01 Mar 2013
  • 03 Mar 2013
  • Las Vegas, NV

MYSTERIUM - Las Vegas - March 1-3, 2013

Registration is only $123 for the entire weekend!
Registration Deadline: February 21, 2013
Please note, due to size restrictions, we are limited to 40 participants, first come, first served. Fourteen spaces remain open as of today.

Register now: http://www.vegasvortex.com/details.php?id=28

MYSTERIUM is whispering your name....
Join us for an alchemical blend of music, art, ritual theater, deep play, magick, spoken word poetry, invocation, meditation, divination, transformation, illumination and celebration!

...an in-gathering of old and new friends, a point in time where we can reflect, as individuals and a community, the light that shines within each and every one of us.

...an opportunity to play, to create, to learn, to deepen in our relationships with each other and ourselves as we mark the wheel's turning from darkness toward luminosity.

...our Saturday evening's working, a journey through the phases of the alchemical process using music, movement, voice and stillness to turn heavy lead into purest gold.

... PLUS engaging playshops presented by Jeff McBride, Abigail Spinner McBride, and our special guests, Dr. Joshua Levin and Robert Bartlett!

Dr. Joshua Levin: Materia, Metaphor, and the Energetics of Creativity.
Engage in an exploration of the themes of energy and metaphor as they relate to the creative process. Joshua will be discussing a few of his favorite ideas concerning relationships between science, art, and the fire that illuminates it all. His goal is to share some tools and perspectives that have empowered his work, and to provoke some useful thinking about creative living.

Joshua Levin, Ph.D.
Joshua Levin, is a full-time cross-training cultural creative. He is a tenured professor of anthropology at the College of Southern Nevada, an award winning visual artist, professional musician, poet, writer, educator, and happy family guy. With a lifetime of balanced interests in science and art, Joshua has focused his energies on using the creative process as a means to empower healthy, meaningful relationships to self, society, and the environment. He loves to share and collaborate in these arts of living and has had the good fortune to do so across the U.S. and internationally.

Robert Bartlett: Alchemy in the 21st Century.   A brief look at the Laboratory Tradition of Alchemy and the resurgence of interest in this ancient Art. We will take a look at spagyrics and what that means; we will explore and learn the Secret Tradition behind it all.

“Spagyric” is a term coined by Paracelsus in the 16th Century meaning to separate and recombine. The Alchemist’s goal is to separate the plant or mineral into its basic Mind, Body, Spirit; perfect each portion; then resurrect it to a new and “living” tincture that works on the subtle as well as the physical body.

We will explore the history of Alchemy from its origins in Ancient Egypt (Khemia) and trace its trek through the middle east and India, through the Golden Age and explore the split between Alchemy and Chemistry that arose later.

Take a look at the beginnings of the resurrection of Alchemy in the 1970’s with PRS and Frater Albertus and his vision of Tristar, which today is on the brink of being realized and manifested by serious visionaries working toward that goal.

We will look at plates from various Alchemical texts showing laboratory methods and slides of minerals processed in the lab and explore the possibilities for future natural medicines and exotic materials and fuels.

Robert Bartlett is a Chemist by profession and a practicing laboratory Alchemist. His books, published under Ibis Press, offer the beginner a comprehensive introduction to both the spiritual and practical aspects of Alchemy, including their connection with Ayurveda or Indian medicine. Both 'Real Alchemy' and 'The Way of the Crucible' are available online and in bookstores.

Although he practiced Alchemy from the tender age of twelve, his studies truly began under the tutelage of the late Frater Albertus, (Albert Reidel), founder of Paracelsus College in SLC Utah. Having studied for 7 years (all seven levels), he became the Chief Chemist of Paralab, the commercial offshoot of the School, at the urging of Frater to complete his chemistry degree at Boise State.
He currently lives in the NW in the Seattle area where he teaches Alchemy at his home. He also teaches a short class in spagyric's online through the Alchemy Guild at the crucible.org. Robert has been a featured speaker at the Alchemy Conference (www.alchemyconference.com) each year. He is also an owner and Formulations Chemist at Hydrosol/Soluna Laboratories producing environmentally enhancing hydroponic solutions and fertilizer using the principles of Alchemy. www.spagyricus.com

Please note, due to the deep nature of this gathering, you must have either attended one of our Vegas Vortex events before, or be Sponsored in by someone who has.
If you have any questions, please call Abigail at 702-450-0021.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Yours in Mysterium,
Abigail & Jeff McBride

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